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Looking for Canada Goose coats in Orlando, Florida (FL)?

Since 1947, Hilton's Tent City has been a distributor to outdoor enthusiasts across America. Four floors of retail space and the largest selection of back country equipment ensures that we provide you with all of your backpacking and camping needs.

Canada Goose has been manufacturing innovative, high quality outerwear in Canada for over 50 years. From South Pole research facilities and the Canadian High Arctic to the streets of New York City, Stockholm, Milan, Toronto and Tokyo, people wear Canada Goose brand because of Canada Goose 's reputation for quality, functionality and style. Canada Goose collection of down-insulated, technical and travel inspired outerwear will protect you in conditions that range from the mind-numbing cold of Antarctica to the gale force winds on the North Sea. Anyone who has ever worn one of our products will tell you that it has never let them down. Canadians know cold weather- it’s a part of their national identity. They live with it, do battle with it and even celebrate its bracing challenges. That’s why Canada Goose has been manufacturing its authentic extreme weather gear right here in Canada since 1957. They test their products in North America too, because there are simply no better judges of the quality of parkas and jackets designed to withstand the coldest temperatures than the people who live and work in them. From Canadian Arctic Rangers – police forces working in sub-zero temperatures – to US National Science Foundation researchers stationed in Antarctica, to oil rig workers and even Arctic Air pilots, Canada Goose is proud that the most demanding wearers in the world choose choose Canada Goose . Choose from Arctic Rigger Suit Aviator Hat, Chilliwack, chateau, Expedition Parka, Heli Arctic Parka, Kensington Parka, Freestyle Vest, Snow Mantra, women's Tundra, women's Chilliwack, women's Expedition, Trillium Parka.

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